Staff Nurse E.E. Healey.

Staff Nurse E.E. Healey.




Medal Bar with 1914/15 Star (TFNS), War & Victory Medal

Miniature Set.

1939/45 Defence medal

Territorial Force Nursing Association medal.

(Note we also have the medals of her Son. Sqdrn. Leader Healey for sale..)


Prior to the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act of 1907, there had been no national medical or nursing service dedicated to the care of the volunteer army.  The regular army had been supported by the Army Medical Service, together with Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, who employed less than 300 nurses to provide nursing care in military hospitals at home and abroad.  The Act made provision for the first time for both medical and nursing support to be available to the new force.

In 1913 the TFNS was given permission for its members to volunteer for overseas service if not required for duty at home and at the outbreak of war there were 2,117 members of the service ready for mobilisation, and of the 23 territorial force hospitals, 19 were open and receiving casualties by the last day of August 1914, with the other 4 following by the end of September.The number of nurses in every field increased rapidly during the first six months of war, and continued to rise throughout the next four years in order to staff the ever growing number of military, auxiliary, Red Cross and private hospitals.

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