Sqdrn.Ldr. D.E. HEALEY R.A.F.


Sqdrn.Ldr. D.E. HEALEY


39/45 Star.

Star Air Crew Europe / France & Germany Bar.

Defence & War medal.

Miniatures and Medal Ribbon bar.

Joined the Household Cavalry, but in 1938 volunteers were requested to train as Pilots..

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He mainly flew Boston aircraft / particularly Boston III/IV out of 107 Squadron..

He was engaged in a number of missions in France & Germany.. and was in support of 1st Airbourne Division at Arnham, where his aircraft was hit by flack.

When the War ended, he joined the RAF Regiment and served in Germany and then spent some years as a Squadron Leader in Iraq.
Log Books 1941 -5 (2 bound together).


RAF Cloth Pin.
Royal Horse Guards Best looser medal for Boxing (Silver).
RAF Pocket Instruction Book 1937 (AP 1081)
2 Group Handbook
War Manual Part 1.
Document ‘Parading Queens Colours’ RAF 35th Anniversary April 1953..


Officers on duty….L.A.A. Squadron Sqd.Ldr. D.E.HEALEY.

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