Sgt. Kenneth G.A, JOHNSON RAF- shot Down Denmark raid.


Sgt. Kenneth G.A, JOHNSON RAF- shot Down Denmark raid.


39-45 Star / Air Crew Europe Star / 39-45 War Medal /QE11 GSM – bars Malay Peninsula and South Arabia.

Sgt. Kenneth G.A, JOHNSON RAF- was shot down in his ‘Manchester’ (L7489) where he was rear gunner on a raid over Denmerk on 9th May 1942 – crash site listed as Marienborg.

(L 7489 was transferred to 50 Squadron on Feb 12th 1942. In May 42, while flying over the Danish coast, the bomb doors jammed. The Manchester managed to climb to 4500 feet but was not able to maintain the altitude even with engines running at full power. The starboard engine and wiring caught fire and it crashed in a field belonging to the Marienborg estate with the loss of the Pilot, Sgt Maurice Gruber.)
Of the 7 crew – only the Pilot failed to bail out – when the bomb load exploded
Johnson was interned at Marienborg POW Camp prisoner no.63 (a very low PO Number) and was moved to Stalag Luft III then Camp 357.
Extensive copy information on Aircraft/ the POW Camps / debrief of POW’s document etc.
50 Sqadron WWII.

50 Squadron continued operations by night, taking part in the RAF’s strategic bombing offensive against the Germans through the remainder of 1940 and 1941. It re-equipped with Avro Manchesters from April 1942. The Manchester was disappointing, however, with unreliable engines and had a lower ceiling than the Hampden it replaced.Despite these problems, 50 Squadron continued in operations, contributing 17 Manchesters to Operation Milliennium the “1,000 aircraft” raid against Cologne on 30/31 May 1942.


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