Sea Gallantry Medal Henry Bell (Turner – Mechanic) 1916

Sea Gallantry Medal Harry Bell (Turner – Mechanic) 1916

Harry Bell was awarded this medal for the part he played in the rescue of the Crew of the ‘Glenroy’ when she was wrecked at Les Falaises, Bougis Bay, Algeria, February 10th 1916
Only 371 Bronze awarded /George V.
The Scotsman 29/02/1916 reports: “THE CREW OF A LOST STEAMER”
The crew of the Hartlepool steamer GLENROY arrived at South Shields yesterday aboard the London vesssel HUNBRIDGE, from Algiers, reporting the total wreck of the GLENROY in Bougis Bay, North Africa.

The GLENROY was driven ashore in a heavy gale, and Mr Thomas, manager of the Grand Fillear Ore Mines, hearing of the Disaster, together with his staff, galantly descented 150 feet of rock, where ropes were thrown and secured by the shipwrecked crew. They were rescued at great risk being dragged ashore. Blake Thomas and Harry Bell – Turner/Mechanic were awarded the Sea Gallantry Medal for their actions.

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