Solid Silver KHYBER RIFLES (Pre 47 Badge) BUGLE.



Solid Silver KHYBER RIFLES (Pre 47 Badge) BUGLE.



The Khyber Rifles is a para-military force forming part of the modern Pakistan Army’s Frontier Corps. Dating from the late nineteenth century the regiment provided the title and setting for a widely read novel, King of the Khyber Rifles.
During the Third Anglo-Afghan War (1919), the loyalty of the Khyber Rifles was put under heavy strain and there were a number of desertions. The regiment was therefore disbanded as unreliable. Of the serving personnel 1,180 opted to be discharged, while smaller numbers transferred to a military police battalion or were formed into a newly raised Khyber Levy Corps.
The Khyber Rifles was however reconstituted from Afridi veterans during World War II with its headquarters at Landi Kotal.
In August 1947, upon partition, the Khyber Rifles and the other Frontier Corps regiments were transferred to Pakistan. In addition to its traditional policing duties in the tribal areas of the Khyber region, the Khyber Rifles provided detachments to serve in Kashmir and East Pakistan. The force is currently involved in tracking down Afghan fugitives and terrorists.