Royal Navy Officers’ Sword – E.Thirkel/London c1890


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Royal Navy Officers’ Sword – E.Thirkel/London c1890


Late Victorian Royal Navy Officers’ sword, blade length 31.5inches, with lion’s head pommel, wire-bound fish-skin grip, folding guard and bullion work dress knot, in brass mounted leather scabbard.

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The first Royal Navy pattern sword was created in 1805, its elegant but impractical design being superseded by a solid-hilt design developed in 1827.
In 1846, a blade was standardised for all Royal Navy Officers. The current light, single-edged straight blade was adopted in 1929.
Carried by RN Commissioned Officers, today’s regulation Navy Sword features a gold-plated brass hilt, white fish-skin grip and a brass pommel in the form of a lion.
The Royal Navy sword incorporates a unique mechanism that often proved a life-saver. The inner side of the guard is hinged so that it can be folded down to engage with a pin on the scabbard top mount.
The scabbard is made of rawhide with gold-plated brass mounts, while officers of Flag Rank and above carry a version with more ornate, engraved mounts.