Rare Arrivals

2 Boer War D.C.M’s

Defence of Ladysmith Victoria Style – HANSFORD – Devons.

Defence of Ladysmith Very Rare Edward – JONES – Leicestershire Regt.



  • Captain J. H. T. Letts M.C. /R.A.F/ Lincolnshire Rgt./ R.F.C., (Took over from Lief-Robinson.. Died in France – 13 Kills.

  • Sold

  • R.A.F. Pilot officer A. G. Brown D.F.C. A.F.C. RAF Bomber Command. (later Wing Commander)

    (and father’s First World War medals).

  • R.A.F. Ft.Lt T.A. Rippon DFC (Pathfinder) France/Germany & prior Tobruk/Al-Alamein – with amazing collection material.

  • Flt.Lt. P.A.WIMBERLAY 37 Squadron – (later Sqdn.Ldr) – Shot Down first flight/POW (serial escapee & tunnel’r – @ SAGAN).

  • gt escape
  • Sold
  •  R.A.F. Sergeant J.B. Shanks. Spitfire Pilot 124 Squadron     Dieppe Raid / P.O.W. – Rare Spitfire & POW Related..R.C.A.F. Fl.Off M.J. CLOW RCAF 443 Sqdn. SPITFIRE PILOT / Mid 44 till August 1945.(Spit IX).

    Last ‘kill’ by RCAF of a Junkers 88 on 2nd May 45, less than a week prior to the European war end.

  • R.A.F.(VF) Sergeant S.W. Garland, W/o & Belly Gunner ‘Marauders’ 24 Squadron SAAF /Italy & Yugoslavia Campaign. – Very rare photographic record (30+) & Items – with Log Book.

  •  Col.Sgt Instructor J. Stewart ex. Seaforth Highlanders
    Sudan/QSA (South Africa 1902-1901-Transvaal-OFS-Cape Colony/Ed VII IGS.(N.W.Frontier)/War Medal/GV,LSM/Khadeve Medal (Khartoum,The Atbara). (6)

  • Army / RASC Alfred CARTY M.M. att. 128 (Wessex) Field Ambulance / under command Guards Armoured Division.

  • Feldwebel Hans Behrend (German Cross in Gold Winner). His Logbook.

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