Lance Sgt. Francis G. PRIEST Grenadier Guards KIA SA/MID

Lance Sgt. Francis G. PRIEST Grenadier Guards KIA SA/MID

Sudan Medal 3566L.Cprl.F. Priest 1/Gren Gds.
QSA – (5) Diamond Hill / Johannesburg / Driefontrein / Modder River / Belmont

Khedive’s Sudan Medal  – Khartoum 3566Corp.F.C.Priest Gren:Gds.

Francis George Priest was born in Wooburn Green, Marlow, Bucks May 1869.
Enlisted Grenadier Guards age 22 Years and 10 months on 1 march 1892.
Served in the Sudan and took part in the march on Khartoum.

Whilst serving in South Africa, with the 3rd Btn. Grenadier Guards, he lost his life in a Heroic small skirmish, and as a result of his actions, was Mentioned in Despatches by Lord Roberts..

“ Sad was the fate of a gallant fellow Lt M. Gurdon Rebow, who with 9 men of the 3rd Btn. Grenadier Guards, whils searching a farm, was attacked by the enemy at Cyferkuil, near Riet Siding, on the 17th. Some thirty of forty Dutchmen burst suddenly upon the small party, whos gallant stand against this overwhelming majority was one of the most striking episods of desparate valour on record. A summon of Surrender was refused, (I suspect he told them to Foxtrot Oscar !”)and it was not until Gurdon Rebow himself has been shot down and one of his men killed and two dangerously wounded that the remaining few Grenadiers, after a fight of three hours, were captured.

The Sergeant of the Patrol (Priest) lost his life in a gallant effort to swim the Carolus River in search of help”.(16/9/01)

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