Kampfflieger Lt. UDET. P.LeM. German Air Ace – collection.

Kampfflieger Lt. UDET. P.LeM. German Air Ace – collection.

The collection of items belonged to the German Air Ace Ernst UDET.


The items are alleged to have been given to Udet’s girlfriend in the early part of the WW1, and many years later, in the 1950’s she in turn passed them onto a close romantic friend (for which there is a letter of provenance).
They comprise;-
1. A finger ring with enamel crest of the Pour Le Merite which she wore on her small finger. – it is not particularly of great quality, but this was the early stages of the War and Udet was not a wealthy man having started as a Private.
2. WWI Pilots belt, with bronze clasp and buckle. (Marked EU under the side of the belt.

3. A silver cigarette case, with a WW1 pilots badge with tiny rubies attached to the front. Engraved on the back are EU – with 3 original cigarettes. (Udet was a chain smoker, and is always pictured with a cigarette or cigarette case in his hand).


jugendstil design/frosted White metal (presume German silver –no marks).Gilt interior.
4. Original SANKE Post Card with Udet’s autograph on it.

5. 1914/18 Penknife with German Logo and picture on it/not great condition.

In reality, a slightly sad reminder of a very young woman’s treasures of a long lost first love- treasured for many years and in truth, if one had been putting together a definitive treasure collection of items for him – a better collection could have been ‘assembled’ – which is not the case.
Oberleutnant Ernst Udet was the second-highest scoring German ace of World War One, the leading surviving ace, and the youngest ace, age 22 when the war ended in 1918. He started as a flying Private, was promoted to officer, and flew with Jasta (Jagdstaffel) 15, and later commanded Jastas 37, 11, and 4. He was awarded Germany’s highest military honor, the Ordre pour le Mérite, the “Blue Max.”He had 62 victories to his name.
During the inter War’s years he became a stunt pilot and author, and was very popular and earned good money. He re-joined the Luftwaffe and helped develop it into a fighting machine. Unfortunately, as he rose up to fairly high rank he was associated with some of its early failures and the failure of the Battle of Britain and in November 17, 1941, Ernst Udet put a pistol to his head and pulled the trigger – life was no longer fun !


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