Feldwebel Hans Behrend GC(G) – His Logbook.


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He is photographed with EK 1939 1 ribbon denoting the Iron Cross and is wearing the Bomber Badge on his left brest as well as his Lieutenants Pip. The other photo records him in his NCO’s Uniform, wearing the standard side-cap.

Feldwebel Hans Behrend (German Cross in Gold Winner). His Logbook.

Flugbuch issed to Hans Behrend, and runs from 11/12/1942 to 24/4/45 his last operational flight against advancing Russians on Berlin.
It comes with 2 photographs of him and 2 postcard type photo pictures of working on Bomber Aircraft.
A copy partially in English and German, detailing his many missions in FW 189  and other Aircraft and extract of his operational service.
He was awarded the German Cross in Gold 12/11/43 / although official records record it as exactly 1 month later in December – he received his promotion to Feldwebel on the same day.(Lieutenant), as it was the practice to promote to the level required for the award on the same date (I think – but open to correction – that only officers were awarded the German Cross in Gold).


A bomber / front gunner/logbook in itself is a rarity, but to a Gold Cross winner is very rare.

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