Flt.Lt. P.A.WIMBERLAY 37 Squadron (POW escapee)


Flt.Lt. P.A.WIMBERLAY 37 Squadron – (later Sqdn.Ldr) – Shot Down first flight/POW (serial escapee &  @ SAGAN).


Medals.. 39/45 Star / 39/45 Medal – GSM Malaya bar (as Sqdn.Ldr).
Miniatures. Extensive paperwork.. details below.

‘Pete’ Wimberley was shot down on his very first ‘Wartime Operational Flight’.. he was part of the ‘stepped down’ formation in pairs experiment – which proved to be a really bad idea.
Max Hastings Book Bomber Command extract.. Just north of Wanngerooge, a second pair – Wimberley and Lewis-broke away westwards in an attempt to make a low level escape for home over sandbanks. The were at once spotted by Lieutenant Helmut Lent in his Me 110….(who shot him down) ‘Pete’ Wimberley was picked up by a German Patrol boat – the only survivor.
Wimberley is shown in official records as having been a POW from 18/12/39

wim 4

Wim 1

Wim 2

win 5

Wim 3

Escape Attempts..

win 6
1. By tunnel from Dulag Luff. N’ Frankfurt/Main 1/6/41 with Captain Partridge RM, captured by Farmers in a small Village.
2 By tunnel.. at Dulag Luff
3 By tunnel. at Stalag Luff 1 Barethy
4 By tunnel.. at Stalag Luft 3 (SAGAN

Nat Arch Copy / Operations Record Book/Report on Raid CB6.)Copy Medal work 52/
Handwritten summary Career. Extract Hastins Book, Copy of POW Questionaire for Ex POW’s.
4 .. at Stalag Luff 3 Sagan.. this was where the Great Escape was made from- further research needed on the Great Escape as a ‘tunnel’r of great experience, almost certainly involved in some way.

gt escape

Picture from the film – The Great Escape.(not included- illus.only)



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