Driver J.POTTER – South Africa Medal 1877/8 R.A

Driver J.POTTER – South Africa Medal 1877/8 R.A.

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An award to Potter of the SOUTH AFRICA Medal 1877-8 – which was awarded by the British Government to members of the British Army and Members of the British Navy, who were involved in a series of South African Tribal Wars between 1877-to 1879.

2086 Driver J POTTER 5thB.DE R.A. officially Named..
At this time the enormous mineral wealth of this area of the continent was beginning to be realised, but probably of greater importance was South Africa’s strategic position as a critical staging post on the sea route to India.
This medal was Instituted in 1880 to commemorate a number of campaigns to bring this area under British control which effectively meant the pacification by force of the unruly local tribes in the eastern area of the Cape and the north east of that territory. One of these tribes (or more accurately affiliation of tribes) – the Zulus – was of a particular war like disposition, and hence the medal is often referred to as the Zulu war medal. The military operations commemorated in this period are generally divided into campaigns against specific tribes i.e.
26th September 1877 – 28th June 1878 inclusive / Galekas, Gaikas and other Kafir Tribes

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