Corp. R. N. COLBURN (Australia) 17th Construction Sqdn. Vietnam.

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Corp. R. N. COLBURN 17th Construction Sqdn. Australian Military Forces.

QE II, Vietnam Medal / Vietnam Govt.Vietnam medal.


Corporal Raymond Noel COLBURN .. Service no. 1201528 / Army / Service between 30/7/68 – 3/9/69 / Unit 17th Construction Squadron.

Australian Vietnam medal – The Vietnam Medal is a circular medal made of nickel-silver. The obverse bears the crowned effigy of The Queen with the inscription ‘Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina F.D.’ The reverse of the medal has the word ‘Vietnam’ at the top centre above a depiction of a man standing between two symbolic spheres.

The Vietnam Campaign Medal (Vietnamese: Chiến Dịch Bội Tinh) is a military campaign medal that was awarded by the South Vietnamese government. Established in 1964, it was awarded to members theRepublic of Vietnam Military Forces for direct participation in major military operations. The medal was also awarded to foreign military personnel for service in Vietnam. The medal was awarded for two different periods of service. The first period was from 8 March 1949 to 20 July 1954. The second period was from 1 January 1960 to a date to be determined. The government of South Vietnam ceased to exist before an ending period was decided.
South Vietnam (1966–1971)

The most significant part of squadron history was its involvement in the Vietnam War. The squadron was in South Vietnam from 1966 to 1971 and was involved in a wide variety of engineering tasks. The first to deploy was 8 Troop, which was initially based around Vung Tau, although they were later deployed to the 1st Australian Task Force base at Nui Dat in August 1966.]At Nui Dat, elements of the squadron took part in the defence of the base during an attack the day before the Battle of Long Tan; amidst heavy indirect fire, three members of the squadron were wounded. 10 Troop relieved 8 Troop at Nui Dat in October, and in February 1967 the squadron’s third troop, 9 Troop, was deployed to Vietnam. Early tasks undertaken by the squadron included clearing operations in support of the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment during Operation Leeton, and sustainment operations. The construction of helipads and land marking operations were common tasks carried out by Plant Troop. In 1967 the squadron completed a 300,000 gallon dam. This provided the Australian contingent with an alternate water supply. At Nui Dat the squadron set up a large quarrying operation in early 1968.

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