Colonel G.H. JESSOP – Commisariate & Transport Service (5)

Colonel G.H. JESSOP – Commissariat & Transport Service (5)


Egypt – Bars – El-Teb- Suakin 1884 D.A.C. Genl.G.H. Jessop C & TS
QSA – Cape Colony – Lt.Col ASC
KSA – South Africa 1901 c/02 Col.A.S.C.
Turket –Ottoman Empire –Order of the Medjidie, 4th Class. (Gold,Silver & Enamels)Minor enamel chipping.
Khedive’s Star 1882.

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Guthrie Hylton Jessop was born 17th Feb.1855.
Coimmissioned 2nd Lt. 1.4.1875 into the Departmental Service, later the Commissariat & Transport Service.
Jessop served as Depuity Assistant Commissary General with the Hon..rank of Captain during the campaign in Egypt in 1882 and the Sudan campaign of 1884.
He was present in he operations in Suakin and the Battle of E lTeb on the 29th Feb.1884, for which he was decorated with the Order of the Medjidie..for distinguished service before the enemy during the operations in the Sudan.

He was promoted to full Captain on 11th December 1888, followed by promotion to Major on 1st September 1889, and to Lt. Col on 1st September 1894, by which time he was shown on the Supernumerary list.
He has been as such since c 1887 as a result of ill health, but was still promoted, based back in the UK.
He was recalled to Cape Town South Africa in 1898, just prior the outbreak of the Boer War. He served as Lt.Col. on the Staff of the Army Srrvice Corps during the operations in the Cape Colony from 1889 through to 1902.
Promoted to Brevet Colonel on 6th May 1902 in respect of War Services.
He died in Capetown just after the cessation of hostilities on 5th November 1902.
Various Paperwork.

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