Capt. L S B HULL R.F.C. (Experimental Balloons)

Capt. L S B HULL R.F.C. (Experimental Balloons)

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British War medal as Captain.. RFC. – Research needed. MID LG 14/6/18
Captain Leonard Hull is recorded as having experience in Engines and as having worked on Experimental Balloons.

(This may well be a rewarding research project as little is available or collated at the moment as to what was done at the time).
His final efforts were in Administration of Aircraft Acceptance parks and dealing with technical information.
Born 1882 / Joined the RFC 7/16 .. referred to as Captain 5th R W Surreys prior to joining RFC.
He was discharged on 15/1/19

Some limited research / Times/MID Notice/etc.

Item BM69

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