ALFRED CARTY M.M. RASC/Wessex Field Ambulance

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Driver Alfred CARTY M.M. R.A.S.C./Wessex Field Ambulance

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Military Medal / France & Germany Star / 39-45 Star / Defense & British War medal.
Service & Pay Book
Award Letter.. Buckingham Palace G.IV
Various passes and Military Conduct letter.

The 128 (Wessex) Field Ambulance were under command of the Guards Armoured Division in the British Liberation Army from June 1944 to May 1945.
Field Recommendation:-7/8/44 // Chief 21 Army Group.
On the 3rd and 4th of August 1944, The 3rd. Guards Armoured Division was advancing South between St.Martin Des Besaces and St. Charles De Percy. During this time, the road was subject to heavy mortar, artilliary and machine gun fire. 128 (Wessex Field Ambulance was evacuating casualties occurring in 32 Gds Brigade.
Driver Alfred Carty drove his Ambulance repeatedly to collect casualties from the most forward aid posts, notwithstanding the fact that his ambulance was several times hit by splinters. At about 2300 hrs on the 4th of August, Driver Carty was attempting for the third time to get his ambulance to the 5th Bn, The Coldstream Guards, who were temporarily cut off by the Enemy south of St. Charles Le prcy, but was prevented from advancing further by tank engagement which blocked all roads. On hearing that there was a casualty of the 2nd (Armd) Irish Guards in the vicinity, he left his ambulance and went some 300 yeards on foot, and under fire , to pick up the wounded man and carry him with the help of the ambulance orderly back to his ambulance.The driver once more attempting to get through to the Coldstream Guards, but finding it quite impossible to do so brought his casualty back to the collecting point of this field ambulance,.
By his outstanding skill and perseverance and complete disregard of personal danger, Driver Alfred Carty set a magnificent example, brought more casualties more rapidly back to full medical treatment than would otherwise have been possible and in so doing contributed materially to the high moral of all the troops in the vicinity.
The London Gazette/ 17th October 1944.The Military Medal
T/14322984 Driver Alfred Carty, Royal Army Service Corps. (Newton-le-Willows)




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