A FAMILY Group Hancox…/ Father(Wounded WW1) & SON (Navy DSM WW2)

A FAMILY Group Hancox…/ Father(Wounded WW1) & SON( Navy DSM WW2)

Thomas H. Hancox of the Esssex Regiment (and also served Royal Fusileers).


War & Victory Medals 375641 Pte T.H.Hancox Essex Rgt.
Badly Wounded in Chest and July 1917 in France – broken rib and damaged chest wall and abdomen.
Hit by a shell splinter, which partially passed through his pocket book (included) which undoubtedly saved his life.

Touching letter to his wife explaining circumstances from Field Hospital/ and subsequent stay in French Hospital.. Postcard of HMHS St.David, that brought him back.                                             Paperwork of subsequent Hospitals in UK.

Financial award notice subsequently for War Wounds.

Pte. Hancox had a son, who received his Recruitment (enclosed) card on 25/11/39 to join the Royal Navy.
Subsequently he received his B 234 to Report to HMS N.B. Portsmouth on 5th December . (included).

Able Seaman Thomas William Hancox DSM (6)

DSM (with box) SSX.32477 T.W. Harcox AB.

2 3
39/45 Star
Atlantic Star
Africa Star
War & Defense medals
He Joined Osprey in 6/41 as Ordinary Seaman. Sailed in the Winchester, but returned to the Osprey as An Able Seaman, and finally served in the Nimrod.
While records indicate he was serving on the Winchester at the time.


The official Admiralty Document of an award of the DSM.. records for bravery and outstanding skill while serving in HMS Ness, in an action in the North Atlantic in May 1943, in which an Enemy Submarine was destroyed by depth charges.

Published London Gazette 14 Sept 1943.Award letter/box/noticication etc. Picture of himself on joining and at the end of his service life, together with shipmates pictures at sea.
+ Original cloth medal ribbons taken from tunic.
Various award notifications etc & recruitment paperwork.. (Interesting in itself)..

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