Willi IDINGER Kriegsmarine Minelaying Badge & Iron Cross

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Willi IDINGER Kriegsmarine Minelaying Badge & Iron Cross (with certificates).

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Willi IDINGER was a Senior Rating on the Minelayer “Ostmark”.
He was awarded the Minelaying badge on 12 July 1941 and subsequently the Iron Cross 2nd Class (EK2) in September 1942.


The Ostermark belonged to Minengruppe West, comprising 4 Minelayers.
The Ostmark had some success in Minelaying against Russian Submarines in the Norway peninsula with the Group and completed the ‘Westwall’ mine defense line and as a result sunk M-176 4/7/42/off Vardo/ M-173 10/6/42 Off Vardo/and M 121 8/11/42in Varangerfjord.
A number of her officers were awarded the EK1 and Idingers EK2 was awarded 5 Sept 42 as were presumably a number of the Crew/ as well as the officers EK1’s.
In July 43, the Russian Submarine S-56 reported a ‘miss’ of the Ostermark after having sunk Minesweeper M346 west of Tanafjord.
The Ostermark was eventually sunk by British Bombers in April 1945 off Anholt Island in Denmark.

What is unusual about the documents is that the Iron Cross award refers to the ‘Ostermark’ which is unusual and helpful in Identification.
The Iron Cross is in Mint condition .. comes with the award document and has the makers number stamp on the ring and has its accompanying packet.

The Mine Layers Badge is about as good as it gets for a worn badge, together with the material from the Uniform jacket.

The Cross, Packet, Badge and a signed Photograph of the recipient in No.1 Dress Uniform is mounted on a board.

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