Ab.Smn. Samuel Francis BROWN – KIA HMS. Anking – Pacific Action.


Ab.Smn. Samuel Francis BROWN.D/JX198379

ex HMS. Repulse – survivor and & KIA HMS.Anking.
Pacific Star
Atlantic Star
39/45 Star /39-45 War medal.
All as struck with un-used ribbons and Secretary of Admiralty award slip with original Box.
A most unfortunate Seaman, in that he suffered the sinking of the Repulse(10 Dec 1941) (below) and then having been rescued from the Sea was subsequently KIA on HMS Anking, when she was attacked and sunk in a Naval engagement 4 March 1942.
HMS Repulse.
The ship spent the first months of the Second World War hunting for German raiders and blockade runners. She participated in the Norwegian Campaign of April–June 1940 and searched for the German battleship Bismarck in 1941. Repulse escorted a troop convoy around the Cape of Good Hope from August to October 1941 and was transferred to East Indies Command. She was assigned in November to Force Z which was supposed to deter Japanese aggression against British possessions in the Far East. Repulse was sunk in the Java sea in 1941, and surviving crew including Brown, were picked up by HMS.Electra and HMS.Vampire.
HMS Anking.
The HMS Anking a 3,470 Tonne Base and Accommodation or ‘Depot Ship’, was Sunk during a Japanese attack on a Allied Convoy on the 4th March 1942 with the loss of one officer and 25 ratings.
The Japanese cruisers engaged the depot ship HMS Anking and quickly sank her. They then hit the minesweeper MMS51; followed by the tanker Francol sunk by the destroyers at 0730. Yarra lasted for almost two hours.
As well as the Medals, there is extensive research information concerning Repulse / as well as War Graves information.
Brown is celebrated on Panel 64, Column 2 Plymouth Naval memorial.

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